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Get accurate global/local geographic location

The Navizon app is free and designed to provide accurate positioning for smart phones anywhere in the world, indoors and outdoors. It allows users to locate their buddies and navigate indoors, through buildings, shopping malls, convention centers and airports. It even enables users to locate their device, should they misplace it.

Navizon supports every major smart phone, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.
Navizon is also available BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian


  • How to find your friends

    You can view group members' locations instantly on a map. Getting together is much easier now.
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  • Navizon Alerts

    Users can set alerts and find out when individuals in a Navizon group arrive at a given location. For example, parents may learn when their children arrive home from school. At a trade show, you may want to know when your coworkers arrive. Just set an alert and receive email notifications.
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  • Navizon Trail

    Wouldn't you like to remember all the places you've visited? Premium users can turn on Navizon Trail and the system automatically tracks and logs every place they have been to and when. Logging a busy schedule is suddenly made easy.
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  • Locating devices

    Locating a phone, either yours or that of a member of one of your Groups, is simple thanks to the Navizon app. Once tracking is enabled, a device's current location can be viewed on demand.
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